The most useful gardening tips

Remember That Lighting Matters

Warm and layered lighting helps to create dimension and make your garden feel welcoming no matter what the size. This is particularly important in northern regions where winter days are very short and you have fewer sunlight hours in which to enjoy the outdoors.

Save time by creating a tool holder

Instead of cleaning tools on your own, you can create a self-cleaning and self-sharpening garden tool holder instead. What you need is a pot that can hold all your tools, sand, and mineral oil. The sand keeps the tool sharp while the oil keeps them lubricated to prevent dust and corrosion buildup.

An easy way to ward off snails

Snails and other soft-bodied pests can wreak havoc to your vegetable garden. You can create a barrier around your garden with cracked egg shells, read HERE how to make your own eggshell powder. With this barrier in place, snails find it impossible to crawl their way into your garden. Check out what DE does HERE for your organic garden against pests too.

The most beautiful flowers to grow in your garden

Borage (Borago officinalis)

Borage grows into a wide, gangly plant that is lovely in a cottage garden but can be somewhat messy in more formal borders. However, it is an herb that is right at home in a vegetable garden.


Another garden favourite, very easy to grow from pansy plug plants, which are also very cheap. Many varieties to choose from, just remember to cut off the faded flowers to encourage growth.


Many experienced gardeners have, at least, one patch of bellflowers growing somewhere on their property. Typically, the delicate, spiky flowers grow 1-2 feet tall, thrive best in early summer, but will continue blooming, if spent flowers are constantly removed.

How to take care of your garden

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    Local plants and wildflowers

    Plan your eco-friendly backyard landscaping ideas with natural garden design in mind,
    bringing local plants and flowers into your outdoor living spaces, which gives plants
    the best chance to survive. Save money, time and effort on gardening, cooperating with
    the nature and creating beautiful backyard landscaping in eco style.

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    Protect your garden from deers

    To keep your flowers from being gobbled up by deer—one of the most heartbreaking of all
    garden misfortunes—choose flowers that people find glorious and deer find disgusting.

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    Don't put these trees near your pool

    Messy trees to avoid include river birch, mulberry, hackberry, sweet gum, chinaberry, mimosa,
    and camphor tree. Good trees for the perimeter of a pool include palm, live oak, banana, juniper,
    holly, and Japanese maple.

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